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Located in Tunisia, Tasegda is an architecture agency that was founded by the architect couple, Akram Bsila and Amel Zribi, young architects who graduated from the National School of Architecture and Urban Planning of Tunis (ENAU).

In late 2023, Tasegda initiated a collaboration with the Libyan architect, Ahmed Elalem, expanding their operations into the Libyan market. Elalem brings a wealth of experience, holding a bachelor’s degree in Architecture and Urban Planning from the University of Tripoli.

His extensive background includes collaboration with various international NGOs, focusing on urban development and the construction of public sports facilities.
Since 2015, several projects, revealing a strong sensitivity, have been developed in the fields of architecture, design, decoration, development, and layout of interior spaces. Whether it is a new construction, a renovation, an extension, interior design and layout…etc. we do everything we can and we offer all our skills in architecture while developing engaged thoughts around your project to meet your needs…

Whatever the vocation of the project: Residential, office, commercial, industrial, hotel… Tasegda attaches particular importance to the requirements and aspirations of the future occupants of the place so that each achievement is
unique and resembles its user, with real consideration. Taking into account the
program, the context, and the budget.
Furthermore, to ensure the overall coherence of the project, the agency is as accustomed to being involved in all aspects of the project and to designing a project as to managing its implementation, it takes charge and masters all the phases from the creation of the first sketch to the acceptance of the site.

Beyond the general design of the volume, we imagine atmospheres, and spatial sequences characterized by colors, lighting, materials, and particular furniture and we subsequently pursue all the finishing stages while assigning particular attention to detail because this will give the project its uniqueness.

Finally, our job is our passion, we dream of architecture, we explore the imagination and we aim to create emotions to feel architecture, a simple, refined architecture, accessible to all combining comfort, aesthetics, and functionality.


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