Our approach is essentially based on our sense of listening and discussion with the project leader. We listen to you, analyze the constraints and potentialities,
and try to understand your needs as best as possible, thus the light will be
revealed that will guide us towards the sketch, the moment of possibilities where dreams ebb and give way to reality. Our intervention is both global and sensitive to detail, we offer work ranging from the general design of the volume, a volume in line with the terrain, orientation, sunshine, ventilation, wind, ergonomics, and even the research of textures, colors, materials, lighting, furniture



Tasegda Architecture has been able to draw and nourish itself from its many years of experience and assert an architectural line that combines both aesthetics and clarity of architectural gesture, in fact, thanks to the versatility of projects and interventions: Residential building (house, apartment, building, etc.), office building, commercial premises, public building, we have acquired maturity which allows us today to face and juggle all types of programs and contexts.

Our approach is based essentially on the exploration of the circumstances and opportunities around each project, continuous curiosity and research, creativity,and spatial intelligence, with particular attention given to the execution and realization of the drawn ideas, all this in an approach that corresponds to the reality of needs and means.

In the desire to see each project carried out successfully, sensitivity and exchange are placed at the center of contact with our clients, from the first meeting, we try to have an overall vision and to establish a climate of trust and dialogue with the project owner, and this by asking and listening before acting because we believe that listening is always the Leitmotif which allows us to compile the information and aspirations of the client and then mix them with the inspirations from the architect.

Whether it is a new construction project, rehabilitation, redevelopment, renovation, interior design, or decoration, Tasegda Architecture approaches each project with the same conviction: each place has a soul and each soul is the key to creativity, therefore, each of our projects is a new challenge, a new adventure, a new conceptual approach which aims to give meaning to the place, to guarantee quality functionality and better comfort, all of this is then enriched through the choice of materials, textures, colors, and lights…



Research and creativity are two constants in our process, we try to find answers, translate and shape the desires and needs of the future occupants of the place, and propose a solution that goes beyond the formal aspect and aims to provoke emotion, and our goal is to create architecture that combines know-how and emotional content.



Tasegda Architecture pays particular attention to the site and the environment, these are the basic parameters that allow us to sketch and cultivate a singular architectural writing, in fact, during the design, we try to deal with the data of the site which dictates the layout of the ground plan and the volume thus guaranteeing good orientation of the spaces and a successful choice of the location of the openings, and consequently, good conditions of sunshine, shade and ventilation, basically, comfortable living conditions during all seasons.



Within our agency, modeling is essential to develop, present and communicate, effectively and easily, ideas and concepts, it is a real pleasure which allows us to combine productivity and creativity, what we imagine can be created virtually with every detail imaginable: Exterior volumes, interior layout and layout, landscaping, etc.

By its richness and flexibility, this oscillating tool allows us to fully explore all possibilities, to check colors, textures, coatings, and again, the three- dimensional presentation and perspectives can also be used later as exchange and explanation materials for construction and consultation purposes with companies and with those involved on site.



Our obsession with the smallest details pushes us to design each element to measure and with great precision: carpentry, furniture, lighting, kitchen, storage, pergola, facade, swimming pool, wrought iron… and to scrupulously follow its execution, for this we collaborate with specialists who make the materialization of the project possible while guaranteeing a higher level of technical quality and impeccable finishes.

Our intervention covers all phases of a project: architectural studies, design, development of graphic and administrative documents, building permits, consultation of companies, coordination and management of the work, assistance with the project management, site monitoring, management, etc.

Tasegda Architecture advises and supports you to guarantee organization and control of the realization and realization of the project, on a human and material level, in time and in space, so that your projects are carried out within budget and the planned deadlines.